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The Mission of A Course in Life is a compilation of the spiritual guidance Lazaro Angelus Lanza has garnered over his entire lifetime. The spiritual guidance and grace and wisdom of A Course in Life offers all of God's brothers and sisters incalculable opening to move toward Truth.

Lazaro Angelus Lanza was blessed with the divine opportunity to move slowly toward Truth on every level as he suffered incalculably on every level from almost from the moment he was born. The blessings of suffering were turned into blessings of learning by the Grace of God. Lazaro Angelus Lanza was on the precipice of physical death inundated with nearly every conceivable bodily symptomatology, he grew up in utter dysfunctionality; he suffered from almost every conceivable mental and emotional disorder, (and he went through every conceivable phase of spiritual pain and growth leading eventually to metaphysical Truth.

Lazaro Angelus Lanza created The Mission of A Course in Life by and through inner spiritual guidance. Lazaro Angelus Lanza is an attorney. He left the practice of law to follow the voice of Truth to teach truth that he learned through his trials and tribulations so that others could learn from what he learned.

The Truth of A Course in Life on the physical level is based solely on what has been proven to work, usually for eons, as opposed to fleeting unreliable new-fad human theories which almost invariably prove to be wrong in time. Such trustworthy information dispensed in many forms through A Course in Life may massively heighten the quality of human life, and potentially save human life. The value of this is priceless.

The Truth of A Course in Life on the mental/emotional level bestows alternatives to the traditional and non-traditional concepts of how to create and maintain deep sound mental health, happiness, satisfaction, and passion in one's mind and being. The value of this is also inestimable.

On a spiritual level, the Truth A Course in Life simply proffers one the opportunity to receive the extension of unconditional love from us, and from God. We do not proselytize any particular spiritual belief, or religion. We grant one the opening to let go and move closer to metaphysical Truth: That there is only God, and no alternative to God, God being the only thing that truly exists, and for one to leave all human created pain and suffering behind in the mind to be dissolved into the nothingness whence it came.

We encourage you to peruse our webpage and know that you can feel confident that everything on this webpage is here not for the main content of monetary enrichment; the intent purpose and content herein is to give you truth over opinion, what works over what does not, and on the deepest level-Truth over Illusions.

More Specificity:

*The Mission of A Course in Life revolves around an actual course that is denoted as: A Course in Life. A Course in Life is just what it says-a course, in, L-I-F-E...

-A "course" means a way to follow, a pathway, a means to an end; all leading to Truth.

-"In" means to incorporate oneself in-to one's life and one's process of evolving towards Truth.

-"Life" has meanings on many levels: the life of the body; the life of joy in our heart, and ultimate Life which is God-the only Life that subsumes all other life for the Life of God is ALL.

Particularly, the course called A Course in Life is a 12 stage process of slow incremental integration of information behavioral change and inner transformation on physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels. This course, which is available for purchase on this webpage, may help you to extend your life extensively, live a much higher quality of life, and potentially overcome diseases of the body, mind, heart, and soul.

A Course in Life is truly unique because it is the only course in history that is based solely on truth, and on what has been proven to actually work, with absolutely no guessing or reliance on unproven un-trustworthy new-fad theories and hypotheses or opinions. It is also the deepest and most comprehensive multi-level course ever produced.

The physical truth of A Course in Life is based solely on what is proven to work, usually for eons, and not on unproven on trustworthy new-fad theories that come and go and almost always wind up being false.

A Course in Life offers you answers to alleviate mental and emotional disorders that actually work, as opposed to traditional and non-traditional means which rarely work. Once again A Course in Life offers you only what has been proven to work on the mental and emotional level.

And on the ultimate level-Spiritual-A Course in Life invites you to look go of all that is false, and embrace the only thing that is real: the Grace of God; the ultimate Truth which is God that encompasses all: Infinite Perfect Unconditional Love.

The Mission of A Course in Life also offers you on this webpage the words wisdom inspiration motivation and transformational information of Lazaro Angelus Lanza dispensed through writings, audios, and videos.

  • You'll also find live events by Lazaro Angelus Lanza, wherein he speaks mostly on metaphysical Truth topics, as well other inner and outer strategies to acquire techniques and tools, beyond the wisdom motivation and inspiration therein, to take action and move forward toward freedom peace and Truth.
  • You'll find on this webpage information on how to heighten every aspect of your life through private mentoring with Lazaro Angelus Lanza which may be done in person or by phone from anywhere in the world.
  • This webpage additionally offers you products that are placed here not with the main intent of monetary gain; the products on this webpage can be purchased confidently knowing that the intent of such placement herein was solely because they have been proven to work, and they are the best of what has been proven to work.
  • We also offer you retreats, workshops, monthly meetings, and various other pilgrimages and other gatherings which proffer profound opportunity to embrace love and Truth.
  • This webpage moreover offers you a plethora of free helpful information on every level, all based on Truth.
  • You will find many other jewels of wisdom in physical and non-physical form throughout this webpage. Feel free to roam where Spirit guides you.
  • Assiduous relentless continuous work and research has poured forth all of these varied products and information to the study of Truth.

We are here to earnestly serve you, and though we may not know you, however, we authentically and genuinely offer you unconditional infinite love. . .

The members of The Mission of A Course in Life, and lastly and most definitely least importantly-Lazaro Angelus Lanza

A Course in Life

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