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There is truth, and there is not not-truth, such is the mind-game we play below...

Brought to you by: Lazaro Angelus Lanza, the munificent staff of A Course in Life, and you, who all are one, and the same, perhaps not in name, but still one, in the game.

Little Truthful Ditties about the Truth of People and the World

Little Truth-ful Ditties About the Truth of People and the World
by Lazaro Angelus Lanza
We offer you these truthful ditties which should be read one at a time, pondered, ingested, slowly digested, and allowed to become part of you.

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-There are characteristic stages in an individual's progress to the light of truth:
First one is apathetic toward the Truth for one's stimulating daily activities keep one preoccupied from one's inner nervousness.
An emergence of awareness of one's suffering causes one to hunt for assistance.
One thinks one finds answers and people and organizations that offer nothing but delusions, but inside there is an inner knowingness that these are not answers but are machinations that add false layers to falsities.
One is confused and disturbed by the great number of people and organizations which claim to know the answers.
One falls into the trapping follies of these people and organizations for a period of time, for one does not know what else to do.
Bravely realizing that these people and organizations have nothing to give one, one begins to investigate within and to think for oneself.
One's increasing consciousness leads oneself to genuine teachers and teachings of Truth, and the Dawn of Truth begins.
One finally reaches a stage wherein his own nature becomes his own pathway of light
One then spends the rest of his days brightening that light for oneself and others.
-To rescue yourself you must first stop trying to save the world, which does not want to be saved anyway.
-Everyone who lives on the mountain peak of Truth once saw the folly of trying to save others before saving oneself.
-All problems arise from ego hypnosis, and therefore it makes perfect sense to probe the nature of this illusory hypnosis.
- One can only get something real from an event when one is fully released insofar as there is no tense feelings or thoughts about getting or not getting something or anything.
-Once one immerses oneself truly fully in the Truth fullness of A Course in Life one in a sense owns an airplane that flies only when these ideas are acted upon.
-Any time anyone avoids personal darkness to any degree a matter how noble it seems it is nothing but an avoidance of the light of Truth.
-Only one who dares to see the displeasure of false teachers shall find the Truth.
-The more Truth-full the Truth given to anyone the stronger will be there positive or negative reaction according to their willingness to see or not see, to realize are not realize, to acknowledge or not acknowledge, to allow or to continue to deny Truth.
-Only when one is willing to admit that possibly they are the problem with the quality of their experience raise.
-To not repeat your mistake tomorrow you must see your mistake today.
-Most do-gooders do good to others to reduce their own self guilt.
-The only things valuable are those that do not contribute to false needs of ego gratification.
-The only way to possibly have something worthwhile to do with yourself is to have the courage to see that you presently have nothing worthwhile. Then and only then shall Truth step in and be your guide. Until then, fear shall guide you, your ship, into the rocks.
-Light never fights the dark; therefore when you see a fight it is always between two dark forces.
-Fumble you may, though you fumble in vain only if you do not fumble in the task of finding your real nature.
-If you lose social or financial opportunity there is no need for regret, both are delusions and the following pain is needless.
-The ego has a certain cagey and sly affection for miserable circumstances that will keep them around assuredly.
-Any desire or wish to appear intelligent knowledgeable or scholarly in the public eye will immediately cut off any ability to see with the eye of Truth.
-By finally viewing human evil seriously in the correct manner you will finally not take it seriously whatsoever.
-You take evils power away by saying that it has no power.
-Any feelings of hurt are merely a device of Truth to inform one that they are not listening to the wisdom of Truth.
-There is not one who can truly be helped until he listens to something higher than himself; no one listens until they see the need to listen.
-Be sure that you are in a dreamland when you resent anything that tries to wake you up.
-See human non-sense for what it is: nonsense. That will save you years, if not decades, if not lifetimes, of trying to make sense out of something senseless.
-What most call wisdom is vanity harming oneself by labeling nonsense as wisdom.
-A part of you is trying to wake up; encourage that part; that part of you suspects it is dreaming; it knows that it is infinitely better to live than to dream.
-A sheep becomes lost only because it fails to follow the direction of the shepherd of Truth.
-Do not ever give your company to people who are unable to behave properly in your company no matter who they are.
-Be persistent of your thoughts of the fact that no man or woman is what he or she appears to be.
-As you gain insight into your real nature, fear fades through insight and you cease to be a magnet for fearful things.
-The largest cause of conflict and confusion is the foolish attempt to behave the way society insist you should behave. Truth never tells you how to behave. Once one realizes the Truth one realizes how to behave automatically.
-Any coward can cling to acquired believe; it takes courage to abandon them.
-We suffer from the nonsense of others to the exact agree that we tolerate our own nonsense.
-If your search is consistent and diligent you will one day meet a teacher who will not deceive you.
-What is known as worship or meditation is usually nothing but an evasion of personal responsibility for self awakening.
-Most pretend to ask for help secretly want their own way. It is like buying a candle but refusing to light it.
-Never discuss the Truthful inspirations of A Course in Life with those whose great aim in life is to win power or popularity.
-It is very easy to switch from one wrong trail to another while seeking the Truth.
-This is going to sound too simple. It is nonetheless a plain fact. The lack of self insight causes all of your grief.
-Rescue from pain is available to all who will listen to the Truth, but how many people do you know who really want to listen?
-False teachers and teachings allow you to remain as you are well cunningly letting you imagine you have change.
-Be very conscious of how your wily human nature wants all the glory but wants to do not of the work.
-People can behave no higher than their own level of acceptance of Truth. This is a self liberating insight.
-Discourage anxiety by refusing to fear it.
-The overwhelming majority of those who state that they trust in God typically trust the acquired ideas about God, not in the real God.
-Only the surface mind of the ego can feel lost and forlorn, which is ample reason for rising above it.
-Remind yourself over and over again that accrual person who says that they are sorry has not changed their real nature.
-The ego lures one into gullibility which manifest wherein not seeing people as they really are until they have taken all they can from you.
-Always be aware of that lost people try to force a sense of culpability upon others; sane people reject it.
-When Truth shows us what it really means to hurt ourselves, we stop doing it.
-The question is, who will protect you from the people who were supposed to protect you? Ponder this until the answer comes.
-Think very acutely about this: the only one who can help you escape is the one who is helped himself escape.
-Your past can be changed miraculously by viewing it with the Truth of A Course in Life.
-Take hope in the apprehension that Truth will never tolerate human deception.
-The artificial personality gives artificial strength. Truth gives real strength.
-You must drop your mental walls in order to allow higher forces to reach and help you. This is not easy.
-No mistake in your life ever sets a permanent course because truth always in all ways changes your direction.
-Your attempt to hide anything from Truth is foolish and folly; Truth never condemns you; it only wishes to help.
-Have you ever noticed that shallow human confidence can be shaken with even the smallest Brown? Invite the truth offered from A Course in Life forgives indefatigable indestructible self-confidence and self-strength.
-Revel when you finally become positive you cannot be brave for yourself; you will then magnetize cosmic bravery.
-Anything that frightens you in your search for truth is false, so ignore it and march forward.
-While still living from the egos invented identity, any talk about confidence is purely empty words.
-Force yourself out of your usual world today, which shall be followed by bewilderment tomorrow, and by certainty the following day.
-You have never really been betrayed by other people. You wore betrayed only by your own refusal to listen, learn, and see clearly.
-Do not be distressed when realizing you are not who you thought you were, for now you'll identify who you really are.
-Take great pleasure in blows to your sense of security for blows to your sense of security taken consciously with the guidance of Truth will make you so secure that you will never again need to think about security.
-Always choose the risk of the dislike of others in favor of being an acting what is true.
-Fearing to lose your present wrong values is the same as fearing to lose physical illness. Insanity is insanity.
-If you earnestly want to know why you suffer so much you open the gate to eventual comprehension of Truth.
-Everybody you meet gives you exactly what he or she is, so wisely discover what he or she is.
-The absence of inner enemies equates to the absence of outer enemies.
-Truthful insight always knows how things will turn out, and therefore never starts anything that would end badly.
-Rushing emotions have no real power to sweep you away just as a tiny brook cannot move a mountain.
-Believing what we want to believe attracts what we do not want to attract.
-A shocking experience is simply a lesson in seeing that we were asleep while dreaming we were away, for reality shockless.
-Truth alone is Truthful toward us, each means that Truth alone can help us.
-Have you ever noticed that most spiritual remedies must be fearfully and angrily defended? That is because they are not remedies at all.
-True cheeriness is not the result of events unfolding the way you wish, or exciting emotions, but is a poise resting upon its own oneness with the Truth.
-A chief peril in life is to close one's eyes to human nature as it is in verity.
-The moment one realizes one is not the surface personality one assumed they were the crooked becomes the straight.
-In order to walk out of a situation harmlessly you must walk into it consciously.
-Feeling safe because of favorable conditions is like feeling safe while sleeping next to a bottomless cliff.
-Consciously risk the loss of something before losing it and you will lose to fear of losing it.
-As long as we buy dreams instead of reality the solution remains a secret. The solution is not a secret, nor does one need to buy it.
-The only way to fear release from world the conflict is to lift your spirit above illusory worldly affairs.
-Anyone who believes that societies social schemes can banish anxiety should ask the question-why have not done so?
-The sooner you accept the medicine of Truth the sooner you shall stop suffering from yourself.
-Merely thinking about Truth cannot supply security anymore than a reading a label of food can satisfy hunger.
-Let Truth correctly tell you how to live and no one will ever dare to toss foolish advice at you again.
-Ideas about the Truth are the first steps toward the inner mansion of Truth, but they are not the mansion and itself.
-When your ideas insist you are secure, but you feel fearful, your feelings are telling the truth.
-The quality of your life shall be exactly the same as the quality of yourself insight.
-When nothing seems to work it is simply because we have not yet turned to Truth, which alone can work.
-Trusting society for safety is the same as trusting a tiger to guide you safely out of the jungle. A fool is as a fool does foolishly.
-When you stumble it is because you called something Truth that was not truthful at all.
-When you live from your real nature, you never fear again that others see through you.
-As true inspirations derived from Truth arise, false thrills fade concomitantly.
-Stay aware of those who use your fears to take advantage of you, for the human jungle is imbued with such people.
-You will feel Truth turning toward you when you really turn toward Truth.
-God is absolutely delighted when anyone walks towards Him and simply starts wondering what He is all about.
-The last thing falsehood want you to do is question it, so question it.
-It is such a liberation to ascertain that you do not need to do all the things you thought where your social duties.
-Labels limit the limitless. See beyond self descriptive labels such as husband or wife, businessman or businesswoman, winner or loser, etc., and see yourself as a free human being without any labels.
-Why do you trust so many religions and philosophies that do not produce a truly awakened being?
-If you risk rejection with the conscious invitation of Truth your inner treasury of strength become strengthened.
-Think of the inner path as an interesting adventure, for nothing is more interesting.
-Start the path toward Truth by departing from activities of which you pretend only have an interest in.
-Human solutions to any problem is a problem.
-One cannot stop the destructive actions of others, but, you can stop your own destructive reactions to others.
-Let Truth be the guide of your life then watch how earthly plans go smoothly.
-Distasteful facts about human nature are not problems to those who see them with Truthful insight.
-It is just as unnecessary to remain with an disagreeable feeling as with an unpleasant person.
-Walk calmly away from anyone whose manner threatens that you must give them what they want or they shall cause trouble.
-Realize that all the energy wasted and heartache and regret can be used to generate cosmic insight toward the Heavenly relief of Truth.
-Keeping others in psychological prison is exactly what maintains self imprisonment.
-Liberation begins the moment one discovers that his truth is not THE Truth.
-Soft release comes with insight, after which we quietly release others from our demands.
-Those who have been talked into, or have talked themselves into accepting fantasy as fact must stop talking and begin listening.
-You can continue listening to your mechanical mine, which derives from societal hypnotism and mesmerism, which all derives initially from the ego, we can listen to something new, which is the dawn of Truth in a new age leading to a new day.
-Your protestation to societies darkness is correct, but go even higher to where it cannot wound you.
-Proffered Truth arouses right feelings and those who already have a seed of Truth within themselves.
-The reason one must awaken is because it is dangerous to sleep, as once present life demonstrates.
-Using others and being used by others has no place in the life of the enlightened person.
-If you do not know what you should be, or what you should do, you should be alert, aware, and awake-then the answer will come.
-The first step towards awakening is to realize that something is dreadfully wrong, and the second step is to know that all can be made right.
-The road to fruitful Truth is traveled successfully by those who dare to depart from their friends who prefer to remain in the dry desert of delusion.
-Realize that you must know something, but, never assume that you know what you must know.
-One must know that their nature is incapable of revealing the Truth, at which point the Truth will begin to reveal itself.
-Just as you strengthen a muscle, continue strengthening the part of you that wants Truth above all else, and watch the blissful results.
-In order to be in right relationship with others you must first be right within yourself, regardless of how others behave. You are only right with yourself when you get right with Truth.
-A free person is free because at one point they become willing to hear what they did not want to hear.
-A severe crisis appropriately used can start awakening to Truth just as a vigorous shake can awaken a sleeping being.
-The reason you should seek true mental maturity is because immaturity keeps you furtively unhappy.
-There is nothing frightening about losing the combat against Truth, for that trouncing is true victory.
-One usually feels guilty for being caught lying because they were caught lying.
-One usually apologizes for no other reason but the move their mouth and make meaningless sounds.
-One usually feels guilty about being guilty only because they are guilty.
-One usually feels guilty about getting caught only because they were caught.
-The jungle of the world or human nature will never change; you can however start to change right now.
-You can discover what your life is all about once you choose self-discovery in alignment with Truth over the self-glory of ego.
-Is the truly sincere being the one who is trying to save the world or the one trying to save oneself from oneself?
-The human mind guided by ego sees grand heroes and precarious villains; Reality sees one mass of equally lost human beings.
-One particularly sly trick of false light is to somberly warn you against false light.
-Caustic egotism never called itself egotism, but masquerades as love, bigheartedness, and goodwill.
-If Heaven existed on earth as a physical being, human beings would quickly take to remodeling it to make it right. Stupid is as stupid does.
-One of society's favorite delusions is that the spending of money can cure something, such as seen in political liberalism of which such theory philosophy and experiment has failed miserably in application consistently but insanely continues to be applied and revered by the insane nonetheless. False love for others is just that-false, and is nothing but veiled hatred for others, that stems from inner hatred. Liberalism and true spirituality have nothing to do with each other; in fact they are antithetical to one another.
-The belief in human utopia, such as that from socialism, and even more so from communism, always devolves into Armageddon genocide because trying to get good from bad-which is all the world offers- always leads to the out-explosion exponentially of bad. The United States of America has entered the first phases of this process. This statement was dated shortly after the election of 2012; the results of this election have sealed the state; revisit this statement in a few years if you disbelieve it; if you're able to, that is.
-Anyone who is missing the ability to listen cannot listen when told of their incapability to listen.
-Nothing in this world is what it seems because the viewer is not what he seems.
-No one can demand to live according to their fantasies and then demand that someone else pay for their unhappy consequence; such is the way of the typical person.
-One person is merely the echo of the next, both erroneously assuming they are the original source.
-The sole reason most people are frustrated is really because ally cannot be turned into a truth.
-They confuse mind calls itself a clear mind, and that explains the entire human horror story.
-Those who pretend to know the truth have no choice but to try to deceive and injure you. That is your typical teacher or healer. Yoga, health expos, the lies of earning, retreats, family constellations, and all other forms of fabrications of the human mind, are all the same-deception of self which lease inception of others and injury to both. This is the truth whether accepted or not. There is no Truth and not-Truth.
-The next human false idol is upon us: yoga. The masses are rushing to it for salvation. That alone should tell one there is a problem. Warning bells should be going off quite loud and clear to the one whose plugged into truth. Yoga is merely the movement of the body, which, (the body), is not real. Moving something, (the body), that is not real does not lead to Truth for there is no Truth in moving a lie. Believing differently does not make it different. Yoga, and any other such activity, are neutral activities that have nothing to do with Truth for Truth has nothing to do with this world.
-Meditation is meaning-less.
-10 billion people can stalwartly affirm that wrong is right, but, all will suffer from the wrongness.
-Conflict and hopelessness reside in a person to the exact degree that he cannot be told what he is really like.
-The worst decision in life is to choose egotism over the opportunity to wake up.
-Society will always deceive you when you inquest to it and of it what life is all about.
-No one is nice unless he can be so without nice possessions and nice advantages. One in 1 million, at best, is an does the opposite. Seek that person for they have real answers.
-When the carnal personality speaks about spiritual matters, it distorts everything, never realizing what it is doing against itself and against others.
-The good performed by awakened individuals is never seen nor valued by hypnotized humanity.

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All ideas that arrive from without in any form offering promises of happiness or peace are always unfailingly blocks to peace.


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