The Mission of A Course in Life is a compilation of the spiritual guidance Lazaro Angelus Lanza has garnered over his entire lifetime. The spiritual guidance and grace and wisdom of A Course in Life offers all of God's brothers and sisters invaluable opportunity to move toward Truth.

The Truth of A Course in Life on the physical level is based solely on what has been proven to work, usually for eons, as opposed to fleeting unreliable new-fad human theories which almost invariably prove to be wrong in time. Such trustworthy information dispensed in many forms through A Course in Life may massively heighten the quality of human life, and potentially save human life. The value of this is priceless.

The Truth of A Course in Life on the mental/emotional level bestows alternatives to the traditional and non-traditional concepts of how to create and maintain deep sound mental health, happiness, satisfaction, and passion in one's mind and being. The value of this is also inestimable.

On a spiritual level, the Truth A Course in Life simply proffers one the opportunity to receive the extension of unconditional love from us, and from God. We do not proselytize any particular spiritual belief, or religion. We grant one the opening to let go and move closer to metaphysical Truth: That there is only God, and no alternative to God, God being the only thing that truly exists, and for one to leave all human created pain and suffering behind in the mind to be dissolved into the nothingness whence it came.

Every single element of The Mission of A Course in Life in any form has behind it solely dispensing outward of the aforementioned Truth in various forms on various levels. Money is not of our taken into consideration in what we do. Money, however, is necessary to operate and function in this world. Our intent to spread truth to all people physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually in incalculable inestimable invaluable ways is done largely through donations of good souls such as yourself. What you have been touched by A Course in Life directly or not, we ask you to listen within and it moved by intuition believe for spirit, to donate what you can to help support our efforts to help our brothers and sisters.


The Mission of A Course in Life helps many who have little or no money. We ask that those who have been blessed in life that more money to help those who have less by donating what they can to us so that we can act as a conduit to transmute your money into tangible help to those in need physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually.

We accept any blessings of donations you may give by the PayPal link below. Or, you may contact us directly and do so via credit card as well. And you may alternatively send a check or money order to the address listed below.

We authentically genuinely and sincerely thank you for your graciousness.

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