Letting Go: With Lazaro Angelus Lanza

release thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you In this workshop you shall learn the mystical magic of letting go through the most successful systems ever used including: NLP, EFT, Sedona Method, REBT, and more.

Plus you shall learn profound metaphysical truth as spoken of in A Course in Miracles, The Infinite Way by Joel Goldsmith, the work of Howard Vernon, and more.  

Letting go is effortless; and truly is the definitive answer. When combined with the power of ultimate Truth, infinite possibilities are all around and abound.

Life is short-but real Life is eternal. Lazaro Angelus Lanza will help you let go and also lead you on a course to life--vital life of your body, joyful life of mind, and eternal peace of soul.

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Price: $9.99

About Lazaro Angelus Lanza: Lazaro Angelus Lanza was stricken with disease that first led to him being crippled, and eventually led him to the doorway of death. Lazaro abandoned conventional medicine, which gave him no hope to live, and healed himself through physical mental emotional and spiritual techniques that he studied over decades. He cast off his career as an attorney and surrendered his life to a mission of serving others-helping people heal in body mind and spirit. His mission has now spanned for 15 years and has included many appearances on television, radio, published articles, books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc. His unique teaching methods, thought provoking speaking presentations, potent speaking style, provocative topics, spark and liveliness, and distinctive ability to cover a wide variety of topics in many realms covering the physical mental emotional and spiritual, has gained him a forceful reputation, and made him one of the most sought after speakers. He focuses as well on what actually has show to work as opposed to unproven human opinions.

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