Organic Healthy Coffee


Coffee has been enjoyed by man since the beginning of time. Why? Because it is healthy. It makes you feel good. And it is good.


If you have any health conditions whatsoever, anxiety disorders, or any negative reaction to caffeine, or coffee, avoid and speak with your doctor before taking.


This coffee below was one of the healthiest coffees in the world. In one of the most tasty. Enjoy!


100% Kona Coffee is hard to find, but we have an exclusive source that is grown in the volcanic soil of the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.  These heritage coffee trees were planted back in the 1800's; the beans are hand-picked, sun-dried and organically grown.

Our 100% Kona Coffee has won numerous quality and taste awards and once you try some you will see why!  Roasting truly brings out the true flavor of these coffee beans, even those who don't like coffee have been known to love the Kona Coffee!

Each packages contains 4oz. of ground Kona Coffee Beans.


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