A Course in Life continuously reminds you that the ultimate path to success is to follow the path of success. New fad theories overwhelmingly have been wrong, whenever they have popped up throughout history. There is no reason to think otherwise now.

One of the common denominators we see throughout history, indeed, of good health and longevity is cultured food. The Price-Pottenger readings displayed how those who live longest with least disease and highest quality of life in our time all consume cultured food prodigiously.

The gut is the foundation of the body. It is also the core of health. All health begins in the gut. All disease begins in the gut as well. A healthy ecosystem in the alimentary canal equates almost invariably to well-being throughout the body. Diversely, an unhealthy ecosystem in the gut almost invariably leads to illness, and, a radically shortened lifespan.

When our gut is proliferated with culture, meaning good bacteria, it establishes the basis for good digestion. It enables the body to exponentially increase nutrient uptake. It also exponentially increases the body's ability to eliminate toxins. Culture in the gut acts as a barrier towards pathogens trying to enter the body. Every system of the body is affected directly by the amount and health of the flora in the gut.

Even mental health largely starts with the gut. How is that? Much of the serotonin produced in the body is actually initiated in the gut. Yes the brain is important. But so was the gut. And fortunately, the medical establishment has largely ignored the gut as a primary factor of good mental health, or mental disease.

Invasions of parasites into the body may be the cause of many physical and mental ailments. These parasites can be microscopic in size, and can invade the nervous system, the brain, the organs, the arterial system, joints, etc. They can wreak havoc in every aspect of health in the body.

Viruses and bacteria largely invade the body through the gut. To help avoid this and eliminate this, infiltrate your body and gut with culture.

Edgar Cayce said that the two dynamics of good health, the two elements, are the assimilation of nutrients, and the elimination of waste. The best way to facilitate both of these two-sided prongs of good health is by continuing to always in fuse that got with culture.

Cultured foods come in many forms. You may drink cultured foods in the form of kefir, such as kefir water or kefir milk. You may also eat cultured foods in the form of solid kefir, or yogurt, and some other cultured food varieties such as cultured vegetables-sauerkraut would be an example of this.

Make certain that when you purchase culture food that it actually has live cultures in it. Sauerkraut purchased in a supermarket is not a cultured food. You may however fine and good sauerkraut with live cultures in a health food store. There is some pickles that may be infused with live cultures. Again, any supermarket pickle almost invariably will not have live cultures. Do your homework and investigate.

Apple Cider Vinegar is actually a form of cultured food. It is derived from rotted apple. Umeboshi Plums are another source of powerful cultured food benefits.

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