Evert-Fresh Bags


The Evert-Fresh bag uses revolutionary technology to preserve freshness and to prolong the life of fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers without chemicals. Stop throwing away expensive fruits and vegetables and save huge amounts of money annually. Organic fruits and vegetables are much better for you. However, they do not last as long because they don't have the deadly chemicals that most produce has. It is especially important that you store your organic produce in these bags to avoid wasting the more expensive organic foods.

* Absorbs and removes damaging gases: Most fruit, vegetables and flowers release damaging gases during the natural ripening process after harvest. Exposure of the produce to these gases accelerates aging and ultimate deterioration. Evert-Fresh bags remove these gases to prolong the life and freshness of produce.

* Moisture barrier: Evert-Fresh bags are manufactured to reduce moisture build-up inhibiting bacteria, fungus, mold and decay.

-Do not place wet produce in bags (produce will turn bad quickly if wet in bags).

-Bags may be rinsed out (and allowed to dry) and used MANY times. (To rinse out-simply fill with water, shake, don't the water, turn them inside out, hang them till dry, then turn them right side out, and use them again). To store produce in them, place produce in the bag, and seal with a twist tie.

Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval

  • Saves you money by wasting less food
  • Fruits & vegetables stay fresh 3 to 10 times longer
  • Reduces vitamin loss by up to 50%
  • Active ingredient is a natural mineral
  • Bags are reusable 8 to 10 times
  • Made in the USA

More Product Details

Large bags (17" x 7.5")
Medium bags (15.25 x 5.75")

About the bags
These ingenious green produce bags offer a natural way to absorb the enzyme-producing gases that cause vegetables to deteriorate. Debbie Meyer Green Bags (formerly known as Evert-Fresh Green Bags) are made from low density-polyethylene that is coated with a fine layer of natural clay containing high levels of a mineral proven to absorb ethylene gas. (When produce ripens it emits ethylene which speeds up the ripening / rotting process).

Using Debbie Meyer Green Bags can extend the life of produce 3 to 10 times. Perhaps it's so hard to find these at grocery stores because using them cuts down on wasted fruits and vegetable waste, which means you buy less. Debbie Meyer Green Bags can help you avoid throwing away uneaten produce -- saving you money and while helping cut down on waste. Green Bags can also play a role in lowering your carbon footprint since less waste leads to buying less, and making fewer trips to the grocery store and/or market.

Debbie Meyer's trademarked, green-colored bags also naturally cuts down on damaging effects of UV rays resulting in far less vitamin loss.

Reusing Debbie Meyer Green Bags
Each bag has the capacity to absorb ethylene 8-10 times. To reuse, simply rinse with water only (no soap) and let thoroughly dry (we recommend turning inside out to dry) After 8-10 uses we suggest you continue to reuse the bag as a produce bag especially for items you plan on eating quickly and/or are not prone to rapid decomposition.

Reducing food waste helps limit greenhouse gases
Food waste produces methane (a greenhouse gas) when it decays in landfills. Reduce your food waste and you help limit this gas. Plus, by wasting less you’ll also help decrease the energy and materials needed to produce, package and transport food – all which add to greenhouse gas production. In fact, in the UK alone, food transport accounts for 25% of all the miles driven by large vehicles!

Product Use Tips:

  • Store produce in a cool, dry and dark place.
  • Don't crowd or combine different product in same bag.
  • Be sure to rinse bags after each use and dry thoroughly.
  • If excess moisture is present, dry produce thoroughly and place in dry green bag with natural paper towel or coffee filter.
  • For best results, keep bags shut by tying in a knot or securing with a clothes pin.

Story Behind The Bags
Scientists involved in Antarctic exploration were searching for ways to prolong the freshness of produce. During their research, they found a region in Japan where for thousands of years farmers have been storing produce in mountain caves with amazing results.

The caves were dark, consistently cool, and dry. But it was discovered that the key to the remarkable preserving properties of the caves was a clay called "oya," and the cave mountain was made of it. The oya absorbed the ethylene gas that produce gives off as it matures. Debbie Meyer Green Bags combine ancient knowledge thousands of years old with space age technology for preserving produce. All that, in a simple, green bag.

Cool Fact
The active ingredient in Debbie Meyer Green Bags is recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture in its Handbook #668 to counteract the negative effects of ethylene gas on fresh fruits and vegetables.

"The most technically advanced vegetable bag on the market..." - The Chicago Tribune

"The bags slow down the ripening process and keep foods fresh longer." - The New York Times


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