Patapar Paper


Edgar Cayce recommended cooking produce in patapar paper. He said that when produce was cooked in patapar paper minerals were captured that were golden to health and longevity. Moreover it was sad the patapar paper to intake increased nutrients, and the patapar paper made produce more digestible. Patapar paper is truly a miraculous way to cook your food.

To cook produced in patapar paper simply place a single sheet of patapar paper that you have run under both the water to make it pliable, then place the wet patapar paper in a bowl, place chopped up produce of choice into the patapar paper in the bowl, then tie off the ends of the patapar paper with white string to make a “patapar paper vegetable bag” of your vegetables inside of your patapar paper, then place the patapar paper bag into a pot wherein you have already boiled approximately 1 inch of filtered water, cover, lower to simmer and cook the vegetables in the patapar paper in the covered pot for 8 to 15 minutes-according to your like and dislike. When done, pour all contents including all liquid you will find in the sealed patapar paper bag into a bowl. The most important thing to do is to drink the fluid that you will find inside of the patapar paper bag-that is the golden mineral fluid. The fluid inside the bag has been extracted from the vegetables-this is perhaps the ultimate source of bioavailable minerals on planet Earth. The vegetables will be splendidly tasty, highly digestible, and super nutritious.

You may clean your patapar paper, and hang it to dry, and use it many times over.

For variation: you may add butter or oil, and spices of choice, with your vegetables in your patapar paper bag. The butter or oil and herbs will permeate into the vegetables when they cook. This will create a fantastic delicious eventual meal. Please note-if you use this method, the patapar paper must be discarded, as it cannot be cleaned.

It is best to use patapar paper, however, if you cannot find patapar paper you may use parchment paper as a substitute. If you do, it is best to use non-bleached parchment paper.

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