Skin Brush


Skin Brushing

Skin brushing has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people to help detoxify the body. It was used by the Romans and the Greeks. It is a fabulous way to help detoxify the body.

Brushing your skin causes your lymphatic system to move more rapidly, moving debris that is stuck between the cells of your body. This is where toxins lodge themselves. When lymphatic system fluids move, toxins are able to escape and get out of the body. Most diseases caused by the toxification of the body. When you detoxify, you help reduce your chances of getting sick, disease, and potentially increase your lifespan.

Skin brushing is easy. Simply take a vegetable bristle brush and brush starting with your feet up your legs, always towards the heart, lightly, then brush your arms starting with your hands upwards your arms towards your heart, then do your stomach in a clockwise fashion, starting at the bottom of the right rib cage, going to the bottom of the left rib cage, down to the left hip bone, over to the right hipbone, and back to the right bottom of rib cage-(that is clockwise on your stomach - confusing!). Brush your chest as well, (avoiding the nipples, obviously-ouch!), brush your back in any direction, and stop at the neck. There is no need to brush your neck face or head.

You will feel wonderful after brushing your skin. It also helps to exfoliate skin, and even helps you to lose weight.

Brush your skin first thing in the morning before showering or bathing. Do it with dry skin. Make certain to throw away your vegetable skin brush regularly to avoid unhygienic infection. Never share your vegetable brush with anyone else-(even your honey!). Never use anything but a vegetable bristle brush. Do not use synthetic made materials. It is a good idea to condition your skin after brushing your skin with Coconut Oil, which is the best skin conditioner of all!

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