Carob: Wonder-Full Food

Who does not like chocolate? Chocolate even has huge health benefits! But, people cannot have chocolate for various reasons. Luckily there is a health tasty alternative: “carob.” Carob is a treat that can be indulged any time, without some of the potential health problems caused by too much chocolate for some.

Carob Is a Super Food!

  1. Improves digestion.
  2. Lowers cholesterol level in the blood. Carob doesn’t have a cholesterol agent.
  3. It acts as an antioxidant.
  4. It can be used to treat diarrhea in children and adults.
  5. It contains an active substance that is effective against asthma. Carob is also used for asthma problems caused by allergies.
  6. It is a good expectorant.
  7. It doesn’t contain caffeine-works well for people with high blood pressure.
  8. It may help to prevent lung cancer, if used regularly.
  9. It contains vitamins E and is used for the treatment of cough, flu, and anemia.
  10. Carob tannins have Gallic acid. Gallic acid is analgesic, anti allergic and antibacterial. It is also antioxidant, antiviral and antiseptic.
  11. It is used for the treatment of polio in children, as the Gallic acid in carob tannins helps to prevent polio.
  12. It is rich in phosphor and calcium so it may be good to fight against osteoporosis.

Carob makes a delicious treat for health conscious people. One can make a case that children should not eat foods that retain caffeine such as chocolate, (even though chocolate again does have health benefits). Carob is caffeine free!


Carob powder can make a very satisfying nightcap, without the stimulating effects of the caffeine in chocolate, or coffee. Mix a heaped teaspoon of carob powder with a little cornstarch, (or other similar type of powder), to thicken it, and add vanilla extract for sweetness before pouring on a cup of hot water (you may add sweeteners recommended by A Course in Life as well). Carob powder can also be mixed with warm milk, (follow the guidelines of what milk to use from A Course in Life).

Product Description

Carob powder is widely known as a chocolate substitute, and it has its own unique flavor that makes it an appealing addition to a wide variety of recipes. While the taste is mildly reminiscent of chocolate, carob has none of the caffeine or theobromine found in cacao and can be enjoyed even by those who are allergic to chocolate. Our Raw Certified Organic Carob Powder contains nothing but pure, organically grown, naturally dried and powdered carob pods with no additives or preservatives of any kind. Use 1:1 in place of chocolate or as directed in any recipe calling for carob.


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