Cast Iron Cookware


Cast Iron 101

What it is

Cast iron is iron that’s been heated and “cast” into a very sturdy piece of cookware.

Why cooks love it

Besides a few health benefits that I’ll get to later, three of cast iron’s greatest claims to fame is that 1) unlike most other types of cookware that get worn out over time, cast iron can literally last a lifetime, or several lifetimes at that, 2) it’s oven-safe, and 3) it retains heat and evenly distributes it in a way that most modern cookware cannot. These are things you’ll really come to appreciate when your inner Top Chef wants to serve up the perfect steak or oven roasted chicken with veggies.

How to prep cast iron

One important thing to mention is unless you’ve purchased “pre-seasoned” cast iron, you’ll need to “season” your cast iron first before cooking in it. Here’s how:

  1. Rub a generous amount of healthy cooking fat (like coconut oil) all over the cooking surface of the pan.
  2. Preheat oven to a very high temperature. Between 450°F and 500°F should do the trick.
  3. Place pan inside oven for 15 minutes. Take pan out and pour off any extra oil. Be careful and use oven mitts because oil will be extremely hot.
  4. Place pan back in oven for another 2 hours, turn off heat, then let cool.

And voila! Your pan is now seasoned and ready to cook on. Oh, and did I mention that the more you cook on it, the better your cast iron becomes? Oh yes, just like women and fine wine, cast iron just gets better and better with age.


Alright, so now that we’re all up to speed on cast iron cooking in general, let’s check out why cast iron rocks in the healthy eating department.

Reason #1: Fortifies food with iron

The act of cooking can actually leach vital nutrients and minerals from food, but this isn’t the case with cast iron. In fact, cooking with cast iron actually releases certain nutrient into your food- iron to be exact. For example, cooking certain foods in cast iron, especially acidic foods like tomato sauce, can actually increase your food’s iron content by as much as 10-15 times. This is a very good thing, particularly for women, because we’re more likely to become iron-deficient. And iron deficiency can ultimately lead to health problems like extreme fatigue when working out and even weak, brittle nails.

Reason #2: Chemical-free cooking

Another benefit to cast-iron cooking is that you’ll avoid harmful chemicals found in common, every day cookware. Ever heard of perfluorocarbons or PFC’s? They’re the very effective repellent coating that keeps food from sticking to Teflon and many other types of nonstick pots. Unfortunately they’re also a very harsh chemical that’s been linked to diseases like cancer. And if you want to limit exposure to PFC’s concern you, one very easy way to do it is by cooking with traditional cast iron.

Reason #3: Cooking with less oil

Another bonus to cast iron is that when seasoned properly, cast iron will become non-stick- which means less oil when cooking! Sweet! Just make sure you properly season, clean and store your cast iron. And last but not least, have fun cooking on it. Because the more you use it, the better cast iron gets, and non-stick cooking will still be easy-breezy.

Reason #4: Non stick cooking that is healthy

Cast iron pots and pans are non-stick. And are not cancer causing like many other pots may be.

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