Himalayan Bath Salt


Warning: DO NOT take a Himalayan salt bath before consulting with your doctor. If you have any sort of circulatory, heart condition, or the like, absolutely on the no circumstances take a Himalayan salt bath. If you are pregnant, week, elderly, under 18, or have any other condition of any type you absolutely must not take a bath with Himalayan sea salt, and definitely seek the advice of your doctor. As well, if your doctor gives you the green light to Dave and Himalayan sea salt, always do it in moderation, follow directions as per your doctor, first, then also the manufacturer's directions-if your doctor agrees, always have somebody present, always rest that at least 30 minutes after, and if anything feels wrong at all at any time get out immediately and call 911 immediately. Hydrate yourself before and after soaking in the Himalayan Bath salt. Use extreme caution when bathing in the Himalayan Bath salts.

Bathing with Himalayan Crystal Salt Bath Crystals is highly recommended by many healthcare professionals. The energy revitalizing sole bath can either help in detoxifying the body or aiding the body in absorbing its 84 essential trace minerals through the skin. This natural, untreated salt contains a high crystalline structure allowing nutrients to be naturally absorbed at the cellular level resulting in body purification. There are a number of important steps when preparing and taking a Himalayan Salt Bath:


  • When you begin to run the bath water, add one cup of Himalayan Bath Salt. The Salt Crystal will dissolve by the time the bath is ready.
  • Soak for 20-30 minutes. Refrain from towel drying. Leave the bath salt on.
  • It is suggested that you take a 15-20 minute rest after the bath.
  • The number of times a week a salt bath should be taken varies. Generally speaking, it is recommended you take a salt bath 2 – 4 times a week. For specific skin or health conditions, the number would increase.

As the minerals are absorbed in the body by the warmth, the alkaline/acidity balance harmonize and blood pressure will normalize. Skin conditions will be cleansed as bacteria, toxins, and other debris are pulled out. Your skin will be stimulated and rejuvenated. It has a strong purifying and re-mineralizing effect. Energy levels are restored and provide amazing relaxation. Crystal salt baths like our Natural bath soaks can alleviate many problems that include: aches, pains, skin conditions, lung/breathing problems, and helps to beautify your skin.


Crystal Salt's assortment of elements form a compound in which each molecule is inter-connected. This allows the vibration component of the 84 trace elements in the salt to be in sync with each other and adds to its ability to promote a healthy balance.

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