Wilson's Temperature Syndrome

A Reversable Low Temperature Problem


Formerly titled, Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome - A Reversible Thyroid Problem, this book describes a reversible low body temperature problem. Are the symptoms of a slow metabolism due to low thyroid function, or are they due to low body temperature? The body temperature is the key, and that's why the name has been updated to Wilson's Temperature Syndrome. The thyroid system plays a critical role in maintaining adequate metabolism and/or body temperature. When thyroid function is inadequate then the body temperature can drop, resulting in the symptoms of a slow metabolism. In such situations thyroid treatment can help restore the body temperature and therefore alleviate the symptoms. But symptoms of low body temperature and slow metabolism can occur even when thyroid blood tests are normal (this is Wilson's Temperature Syndrome). If you're suffering from symptoms typical of low thyroid function (in other words, symptoms of slow metabolism / low body temperature) and your thyroid blood tests are normal, that may mean that your symptoms are curable!


Many patients with symptoms like Fatigue, Depression, Fluid Retention, Easy weight gain, PMS, Headaches, Migraines, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Itchiness, Insomnia, and many others, respond very well to the normalization of their low body temperatures despite having normal blood tests (this is the sense in which the temperature is the key). And more importantly, the symptoms often remain improved even after the treatment's been discontinued. This low temperature problem, Wilson's Temperature Syndrome, is reversible in the same way that certain female hormone problems are reversible. For example, some women with irregular periods can be cycled on birth control pills (female hormones) for several months to regulate their bleeding. Then, when they are weaned off the pill, their periods often remain regular even after the pill's been discontinued. In a similar way, Wilson's Temperature Syndrome can often be corrected by cycling patients on a certain thyroid hormone protocol for a period of time to normalize their body temperatures.

This book is an excellent description of the syndrome and its manifestations and introduces the treatment of WTS. It fully explains what it feels like to have WTS so people can get a very good idea of whether or not they think they may be suffering from it. If people do believe that they may have the condition, the Doctor's Manual for Wilson's Temperature Syndrome explains the treatment protocol in complete detail.

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