What's In Your Water?

The Shocking Truth About Bottled Water And Tap Water And How You Can Protect Yourself


Drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy. Nothing new right? Well, what matters most is the quality of the water you consume each day. The TRUTH is that millions of Americans have been bamboozled into thinking that all bottled water is pure and clean. However, many brands of bottled water have been filled with tap water that may not have been tested for bacteria and other contaminants... tap water that could actually cause CANCER. It's the same municipal tap water that an estimated 249 million Americans consume everyday! *Understand why chlorine is a double-edged sword *How taking a shower everyday in tap water could be harmful *Learn 3 ways to get "Spring Water At Home" John Hinds, a former LSU Bench Warmer, realized that gridiron glory wasn't in his playbook, but making a difference in people's lives was. So he created, www.TheFreeWaterReport.org for people who want to stay younger longer, with water as the focus.

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