Know Your Fats

The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils and Cholesterol


The Price Pottenger readings, and a wonderful seminal epic book, Know Your Fats, written by one of the world's leading lipid biochemists, Dr. Mary Enig, are both much needed in today's "fat-phobic" world. Discarding politically correct notions that saturated fats are unhealthy, presents a thorough, in-depth, and understandable look at the world of lipids.

The publication of Know Your Fats is a rare treat: it is the ONLY book on fats and oils for the consumer and the professional written by a recognized authority in the field. Virtually all of the titles on fats and oils in print now are either too technical to be accessible by the layman, or are too error-laden to be worth the paper they are printed on.

Mary Enig made her mark in the nutritional world in 1978 when she and her colleagues at the University of Maryland published a now-famous paper in the American journal Federation Proceedings. The paper directly challenged government assertions that higher cancer rates were associated with animal fat consumption. Enig, et al, concluded that the data actually showed vegetable oils and trans-fatty acids to be the culprits in both cancer and heart disease--not naturally saturated fats that people have been eating for millennia. In the ensuing years, Enig and her colleagues focused their work on determining the trans-fatty acid content of various food items, as well as publishing research that clearly demonstrated TFA's to be potent carcinogens, prime factors in heart disease, disruptors of immune function, and worse.

The Price Pottenger readings lead one to a revelation of cholesterol and its vital importance to the body. The physiology of fats and cholesterol is fully misunderstood in this society. Studying the Price Pottenger readings shatters popular myths about saturated fats and their roles as disease promoters. The Price Pottenger readings demonstrate the faulty data and reasoning behind the ideas that saturates either cause or contribute to heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, mental illness, obesity, and cerebrovascular disease. For example, one author, Mary Enig, after trashing the "data" that supposedly prove that beef and beef fat caused colon cancer, Enig flatly concludes: "And now, more than three (3) decades after the initial fraudulent report, the anti-animal fat hypothesis continues to lead the nutrition agenda. It was a false issue then, and it remains a false issue today."

Fats historically used in indigenous diets; the fatty acid composition of various oils and fats such as coconut, butter, lard, and olive oil; almost always produce robust health. The fats and oils eaten by the average Westerner, which are vegetable-based, have too many omega-6 fatty acids, which produce a panoply of problems.

"The common scenario is that of a highly intelligent person . . . who finds a research task that will lead to funding from the food and/or pharmaceutical industry or from the industry-controlled government agencies. If that research shows an adverse effect of any of the new foods studied, this is frequently ignored. . . . Of course, the research that is done by the industry-supported scientists is good basic research, and it usually is of great interest so as long as it supports the food industry or avoids a clash with the industry it is promoting. What seems so ironic, is that the very foods (saturated fats and cholesterol) that people are avoiding are the very foods that are healthful. When it comes to fat, this really has become the age of the flat earth."

The notion that cholesterol is good for you is staggering to the average citizen because he or she has been so inundated with a system, a paradigm, an archetype, of false knowledge that they are not generally able to absorb this stunning fact. But the fact is that usually when one cuts down or out the intake of cholesterol, terrible things happen to them, including the deterioration of mental health, because the brain requires a prodigious amount of cholesterol. One of the worst things that happens to this propaganda of misinformation is when mothers deprive their children during critical years of development of a necessary nutrient-cholesterol. And it also directs many well-intentioned people, to move towards a vegetarian diet, which can be disastrous in the long run.

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease. Eating rancid foods, free radicals, processed foods, sugars, etc., damaged the arterial wall of the arteries. The body produces cholesterol to help heal the wound that is created by horrible food, not by cholesterol. The same dangerous elements mentioned above, then attack the cholesterol, because that's what these things do-attack. The cholesterol hardens, and then there is an occlusion. This is similar to blaming the fire department for the fire out when they arrived to put out the fire. Unfortunately, some fire people may get harmed by the fire, however, they are not responsible for the fire, now are they? In fact they are there to help, are they not? It is the same thing with colossal. The more bad food you eat, the higher your cholesterol levels will go. And we have seen through the Price Pottenger readings, that there are indigenous peoples around the world who have very high levels of cholesterol, however, ironically, they have an incredibly low incidence of heart disease. How does the Western medical establishment rationalizes? They don't. They obfuscate it. Or perhaps they just don't understand it. Who knows?

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