A Day in the Budwig Diet

The Book: Learn Dr. Budwig's complete home healing protocol against cancer, arthritis, heart disease & more


Learn the complete healing protocol developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, 7x Nobel Prize Nominee and world renowned Scientist in Biochemistry and Pharmacology.

  • Follow a day in the Budwig Protocol illustrated in a step-by-step, easy to follow format. (plus added suggestions and Director’s Commentary)
  • Discover the methods Dr. Budwig created and used to successfully heal her patients, and understand what they did on a daily basis to recover their health.
  • Learn how to correctly use Flax Oil, internally as well as externally, to heal at the cellular level. Plus all 3 of Dr. Budwig’s ELDI Oil home-therapies are illustrated!
  • See what foods and items you must avoid, and understand the role of fat metabolism in degenerative diseases including cancer.
  • Understand her 3 essential ingredients - Linomel, Oleolux, the Oil-Protein Muesli, and how to use them to create a multitude of tasty meals for the whole family!


The SCIENCE of the BUDWIG DIET now explained...

  • The Story and Science of Dr. Otto Warburg
  • Modern Science Supports Dr. Budwig
  • The Power of Sunlight
  • The Science of Cancer Fighting Foods
  • Exercise, Relaxation, and the Mind-Body Connection
  • The Quantum Physics of the Budwig Protocol

Plus much more...

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*We make no healing claims of anything whatsoever. Seek the advice consent and guidance of your doctor. Always. None of the statements or content herein have been evaluated by the FDA.

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