Body Alkalizer


Edgar Cayce said that keeping the body alkaline was critical to good health and longevity.

This simple liquid drop product used properly according to directions on the bottle may possibly help to keep your bodily fluids and tissues alkaline. (You are not to assume anything is safe. You are to speak with your doctor and get advice and consent first before using this product).

The benefits of being alkaline are numerous including potentially less illness, less aches and pains, more mental peace, aging less quickly, fending off infections, and many other potential possible positive benefits.

The Body Alkalizer is essentially a form of liquid that when added to water will change the value thereof to an alkaline. The basis behind this is to reverse the aging that occurs in one's body because of the accumulation of non-disposed cellular waste in the system.

Always speak with your doctor to get advice consent before implementing this or anything else in this course or on our webpage. None of the statements have been evaluated by the FDA. We make no claims whatsoever to be able to heal anything whatsoever. We do not claim that this product is capable of feeling anything whatsoever.

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