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It is the opinion of A Course in Life that tap water is not healthy, generally, when taken as drinking water. It is preferable that one intake bottled or filtered water instead of tap water. This is also true for cleaning your foods, as what you clean your food with is also what you eat.

There are two major ways to get higher quality water than tap water:

  • Bottled Water
  • Water Filters

It is the opinion of A Course in Life that bottled water is not a healthy choice. Why? Bottled water is usually contained in plastic. Plastic leeches into water. Plastic causes cancer. Enough said.

Bottled water is also, at best, taken from groundwater. Most of the Earth's groundwater sources are now polluted due to man's nasty living habits. Enough said.

Therefore the best water choice for all of your water needs is filtered water. One of the best reasons to choose thought that water is that you do not need to go to the store and lug heavy water bottles around, and pay those expensive prices. Filtered water is potentially much less expensive, and you can refill your water container indefinitely. The cost of purchasing, and maintaining water filters, (the annual changing of the filter matrix), is usually much less expensive than bottled water.

There are different types of home water filters

  • Distillation
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis

There was, and still to some degree still is, a lingering theory that drinking distilled water is good for you. It is the opinion of A Course in Life that this is incorrect. Distilled water leeches minerals out of the body. That is not good. People who live longest with least disease, and in fact not opinion, shown by the price Pottenger readings, did not (and do not) drink distilled water. They drink highly mineralized water in fact. Usually mountain water that is not been polluted. At least not in the past.

(There is something to be said for using distilled water for short periods of time during fasting. For that reason, and that reason only, is distilled water helpful. Using distilled water combined with fasting should be done only under the guidance of a healthcare professional).

Carbon filtration is another source of water filtration. Carbon filtration is good. However it is not the best form of filtration. Carbon filtration does not remove all of the heavy metals and other noxious materials out of the water. It also tends to reduce bacterial overgrowth. A Course in Life does not recommend carbon filtration consequently.

The ultimate source of water filtration known to mankind is reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is a similar to nature's cleansing of water as possible. Reverse osmosis leaves the critical minerals of the water, while removing the deadly toxins, and heavy metals, and other unhealthy noxious materials out of the water. Reverse us most is filters are by far the most effective way to clean water.

You may find the highest quality reverse osmosis water on our website. Remember to prioritize wisely and spend money on your health, for such things as a good home-based reverse osmosis water filter system, and not on useless materialistic things, that will have no meaning once you are sick, or dead. If you have your health you have all. If you're dead you lost all. Get yourself straightened out.

You should not only acquire a reverse osmosis filter for your drinking water, but you should also acquire a shower filter. When you shower steam is produced usually correct? When you breathe in that steam, whatever is in that scheme, goes into the lungs, and consequently goes into your body. Tap water has a lot of terrible things in it such as chlorine and fluoride. Water that hits your skin also absorbs into your body. Your immune system must clean up whatever goes into your body. When you keep assaulting her immune system with unnecessary work, it cannot do its job, which leads to opportunistic infections, and even possibly over mutation of cells, leading to cancer. Shower filters aren't an inexpensive answer to this problem.

Additionally, the water you bathe in when you take a bath also absorbs into your body. If that water has toxins such as chlorine and fluoride, you will absorb that into your bloodstream, and it will be distributed throughout your body, eventually surrounding each cell of your body, and absorbing into each cell of your body, possibly causing mutation, and eventual cellular death. This could potentially lead to various diseases, cancer, and possibly even death long term. You should acquire a bathtub water filter!

If you own a pool, that is a high source of chlorine. On our webpage you will find non-chlorine-based pool filters that work just as well, if not better than regular water filters, with no need for chlorine whatsoever. When it be nice to know that your children are playing and swimming in safe non-toxic water? Expensive? Yes. What price do you put on the wellness of your children? What price do you put upon their life? How about you? Are you also not valuable? Your health? Your life? What is money for? Divide the meaningless trinkets that you cannot take with you when you die? Or to keep you and yours safe and well as long as possible. That is the opinion of the author of A Course in Life.

A Course in Life also recommends that you do not fill up your home reverse osmosis filtered water into plastic containers. And obviously carrying around a glass bottle is dangerous. The ultimate answer is to acquire a Kleen Kanteen. They are made of stainless steel which does not leach into your water giving you the ultimate portable container for water. They come within optional outer covering that allows you to keep liquids within them cold or hot. They may also be filled with such things as soup, broth, teas, etc. They're invaluable for one who seeks to keep oneself hydrated properly.

Here's a toast with pure water to good health!

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