Essene Gospel of Peace: Book 1


A most interesting and delightful little book is entitled theEssene Gospel Of Peace - Book 1. It was discovered in the Vatican library and appears to be a genuine manuscript written at the time of Christ or shortly thereafter. It was translated into English by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. The theme of this book. This book is about the healing miracles and general healing work of Jesus of Nazareth and other Essenes, who were a holy order of which Jesus was a part, at least for a while in his lifetime. He studied their methods and learned how to heal people using food, water, air, sunshine and other simple means that were available to the people of the day. I wish this book had been included in the major books of the bible, but it was not. It was found in Palestine and copies elsewhere and is part of what are called the Dead Sea Scrolls. Scientists and theologians disagree on whether it is really just about Jesus, or was about the techniques used by others as well, but the book is a delightful read and the reader will definitely recognize similarities with nutritional balancing science.

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I do know that the healing method outlined in this book works. I was bedridden for nearly a year with a severe blood disorder... and the MD's had given up on me. I applied the healing method I found in theEssene Gospel of Peace Book I... eating a diet of raw fruits, vegetables and sprouts... and fasting to cleanse the toxic matter out of the body. My healing was like walking out of a cloud of fog.

I believe that theEssene Gospel of Peace Book I is one of the most important books ever published on health, healing, diet and spiritual living ever published.

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